Project One Hundred

If you know me, you know that I love summers. Summers make me happy and cheerful. Summers bring out the optimist me. Summers bring out the hopeless romantic in me. Nothing seems wrong or out of reach for me. Summers are fun. I love summers.

So here’s how I envision this summer to be – Happy and Hot 😀

Project One Hundred:

This summer I will complete a 100 day project and will do these things each day every day for the next 100 days. Everybody says I am not strong willed enough to commit myself to any activity for a prolonged period of time unless it is religious. I hope I prove them wrong this time.

Something New: Listen to a new song/Read a new blog/learn a new word – something new that I have heard or read or learnt before.

Healthy and Wise: Finish the 1 Litre bottle of water that the office boy leaves at my desk every day for the next 100 days.

Stronger joints:I will use the stairs to get to my office atleast once a day for the next 100 days. Ditch the Elevator.

Peace and Happiness: I will not complain about anything and will embrace my life the way it is. A couple of years back, Will Bowen gave a purple rubber bracelet to each person in his congregation to remind them to stop complaining. “Negative talk produces negative thoughts; negative thoughts produce negative results”, says Bowen

– Embrace the Tech: I will tweet or blog everyday. Yes Tweet. I have ditched my twitter and it’s lying in an abandoned state. I will tweet or blog about Project One hundred or whatever comes to my mind 🙂

It starts today – and will end on June 20th 2012. Slimmer, Happier, Wiser and Newer me 🙂

I have already written a blog post today 🙂 so that’s one thing off the list for today.

P.S – I am 5 kgs down 🙂 muahaha

A happier Me 🙂


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