Lots to think about…

Lots of things have occupied my brain right now….here’s a quick rundown on some of them…

1. Really? Is it all always about money? Is money that important? I have always been someone who never gave too much importance to money. It’s there it’s there ..it’s not there ..fine! But off late I have started feeling the prick of the moolah! With inflation touching the roof (or maybe even breaking the roof) life is limited to the 30 odd days between two pay checks. I and Big were calculating the amount it would take for two people (who don’t own a house) to live in Delhi ..and guess what the amount was…. Rs. 60,000 and this with only one person driving to work. This has me worried…..really worried.

2. BTW – if you have been following this and my previous blog for long you’d know that I was really excited to join work at the Software MNC I am currently employed at. Well, I completed a year here on April 18th. A great year with lots and lots of work and learning. Completing one year also means Appraisal time. I am still negotiating my appraisal and I hope I get something which sounds reasonable to me and my pocket.

3. One of the things that’s making rounds in my head is …How I miss a mentor at work. So just to give u a breif background – I am the PR & Events person in the India office of my company (office strength is 600 people). I do not have anybody else in my team and I work directly with senior management here in India and US management for our various PR and corporate event initiatives. While this is a great opportunity …I sometimes miss having a mentor who could teach me new things, give suggestions and ideas on my projects etc. I have just started my career and at this point of time I need a mentor more than I need the money. That’s one big motivation missing from my current profile. Flipside to this is – I get to make decisions, I work directly with senior management, I work on projects from the front line and get recognized for those. Silver lining I Say….

4. Big and I are in the chilled out kinda space right now. I hope we keep it like that and only make it better. (It largely depends on me ..he is a calm soul :D)

5. Finally buying that cross trainer this weekdn..say bye bye to Flab! …:D 😀

Umm..that’s it for now.

Lot’s more coming up!

Miss Drama Queen





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