New Challenges or Better Avenues

On Friday, I did something very few people get to do in a day’s work. I drafted a JD (Job Description) for my junior and a training plan for my new manager. I am extremely happy about having a new manager. If you remember I wrote about how I missed having a mentor at work. Well I will have one now. I hope the new manager (who BTW joins today) is a good one – her resume was pretty good so fingers crossed.

As of a junior, now that is something I am not so happy about. Let me tell you something about Professional Me – my expectations are high, my motivation skills are low, my work product is exceptional, my time management skills are beyond awesome and my temper is always on the verge of spilling. All in all my junior will either die of frustration (because of too much work) or of depression (because of no work). It’s as simple as that – I am a perfectionist in my work. I like my work done in a certain way – The Perfect Way. A junior either matches up or just does not survive. Yes I am a Bitch! But the bitch who will either bring the best out in you or you just don’t have it.

This is exactly why I do not want to have a team because

  1. I am not a people manager.
  2. I am too busy with my own work to train someone else.
  3. My attitude is – I’d rather do it myself then correct someone else’s work.
  4. I should die of shame for having such a lack luster attitude towards team work.  

I have trouble assigning work to people because I think they take too much time or they will just not do it right. This is not a very healthy attitude to have – so I decided to actually give myself a chance at team work/management.

I finally (after repeated requests) agreed to get myself a junior. I will train and mentor the junior and will expand my team. J

Wish me luck for this is the biggest challenge that lies ahead of me. Just FYI – I think anybody who will make it through the endless rounds of interview will anyways be a rockstar.  

Thanks much!
Miss Motormouth!





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