Little Miss Holier Than Thou

Back in 2010 when I started this blog I made a little bucket list for myself – I’ll get a job, I’ll sort my life, my finances etc. etc. I have a job now and it’s going well, money matters are going good,however, I am trying to still sort my life – have succeeded a bit but still struggling. I think the  only thing I really need on my bucket list is to really get some self-respect. I clearly have none left and it needs major work.

Why is the title of this post – Little Miss Holier Than Thou?

Let me explain, I am the kind of girl who always wants to please everyone. Nobody should dislike me and if they do then it upsets me. I am the kind who believes everybody will just fall in love with me. I say I don’t care about what others think but guess what ..I DO! The wake up call here is that in my attempts to make everyone happy I screw up. Neither do I make them happy not myself and that’s not fair on either party.

I need to get rid of this Little Miss Holier Than Thou attitude. I need to treat people EXACTLY the way they treat me. The sooner I learn that the better it is for me both personally and professionally.

For now serve me a bowl of dignity with a side of self respect please!

Note: Before any of you make it about themselves, let me clearly say it. It isn’t! It’s about me and it’s my time to rise and shine.

Love Myself!

Miss DQ








One thought on “Little Miss Holier Than Thou

  1. I am a little confused by this post. You claim to be a super nice person right now but refer to yourself as ‘holier-than-thou’. Are you a little confused at what the term means? Cause usually it refers to a wanker who is excessively or hypocritically pious. 😛

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