Its time to specialize!

I am very close to completing 2 years in my current organization. Let me tell you that it’s a great feeling especially because I have a had a dream run of the sorts. Promotion, appraisal, award and now a very fat perk – it’s as good as it can get. Apart from all the fancy stuff revolving compensation and reward, I have also had an opportunity to learn so much. When I started my college education, I was not very certain about the career path I wanted to take, however, by the time I finished my masters I was clear I wanted a career in Corporate Communication. I joined this company to help with event logistics (hardly the thing I wanted to do) and within two months I applied to an internal opening in the PR & Communication team and landed myself the job I wanted. Now that I am completing two years, it’s only right that I pick an area of specialization. I cannot stress enough how much I am thrilled that so early in my career, I am picking out an area I want to specialize in and that this opportunity if being dished out to me on a platter.

I am not fully ready to reveal what that area will be, but wait for it. I promise to post about it. For now, I am brushing up on a lot of theory and will fly down to far far land on the 9th of a certain month in very near future to work with one of the top agencies for that particular area of expertise. This is by far the most crazily awesome and wicked thing that has happened to me …*wait for it* EVER!!!!!