Another year is coming to an end…

Yet another year is coming to an end. I look back and and I see a year of so many firsts, lasts and things that have never changed. Yet another year is going to begin and with this new year will come new possibilities, new opportunities and new set of decisions that will govern the rest of the year or rest of the life.

Things have changed (for better or worse, well I am yet to find that out). So here’s a run down on what I think has changed.

1. I used to be a very excited person, always excited for birthdays, anniversaries & new year eves etc. Now that is one thing that has changed. No more ecstatic about days! 🙂 I guess some things do come with age.

2.  When I came back to India, I used to think I am a mature person (in thought) who has taken a mature decision by picking and choosing between priorities with a clear head. All that changed in the last 2-3 years and I now think there is so much room for improvement as far as maturity is concerned. Well I hope I get closer to it this year. Just hoping!!

3. Everything around me is falling apart and yet I am still standing. 2012 marks a year of fuck ups! LEGENDARY fuck ups! People I thought will always be by my side, left unannounced. People I thought will always be together, left each other almost unannounced. People I thought I will spend the rest of my life with, left or maybe were never there. Everything is falling apart for everyone. So many people died, so many catastrophes – just so many things that went awfully wrong. It sucks! Silver Lining: Can it get any worse? I hope not!

4. I am no more a blackberry person. Well almost. Moving to a new phone tomorrow. Blackberry Started with Sarfi and Ended with Anwesh. Never going back!

5. I am done with the boyfriend-girlfriend-tu meri-main tera thingiebob. PHEW! Ha Ha Yeah I know!

6. This year was an epic year as far as plans were concerned. NONE OF THEM WORKED OUT. Sucks I know but then WTH such is life.

7. I raped my credit card. (Mind You – Always paid it in full and on time)

8. I am not unhappy anymore.

9. I spend time with people who love me and for once, I’ll just stick to thinking about myself.

That’s it for now!






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