The typical quick update

Ok then its yet again time for a quick update because just so much is happening. So as usual I will stick with bullet points because it is just so much more easier.

1. I have finally moved from a blackberry to an *drumroll please* iPhone. And no, it is not the overpriced iPhone 5 it just the gold ol’ 4. The iPhone experience deserves a standalone post of its own but for now all I can tell you is that I am writing this post on the wordpress app.

2. My shillong holiday is now cancelled. Am I sulking? Well not any more but yes I did sulk. All I wanted was a small holiday no matter what the destination. But as they say ki har kisi ko mukammal jahan nahi milta , kisi ko zamern toh kisi ko asman nahi milta. What about people like me who neither get asman nor zameen? Which category do we belong to?

3. Ok so up next is a question… If I had to buy then should I buy a macbook pro or an apple iMac? Personally I am a big fan of desktops and don’t particularly like laptops. I had initially thought that when Big & I get married I’ll get one but now that it isnt happening I am thinking maybe a laptop is a better idea. (Big – I love & hate you equal measure ugh)

4. I am looking forward to froggerz trip to delhi. All I can say is that I am all set……come soon.

More to come!



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