My Favorite Products ***POSTING FULL VERSION***

***I am posting it again because I hit publish last time in the middle of the post….so here’s the full version***

Yes I have been dying to do a post on my favorite products so I thought what better time than now. Yes, I am currently using ALL of them.

So here’s a haul of all the stuff I love.

1. MAC Mehr Lipstick: LURVEEEE IT! It’s that light matte pink that stays on and on and on. I was not a lipstick girl until very very recently. This lipstick however has been a favorite for some time now. Here’s what it looks like.

IMG_8744 Mehr lipstick

2. Banana Banane Shampoo: Smooth Silky and super shiny hair and a wonderful fragrance. Another long time favorite. I would recommend this to everyone because it is suitable for all hair types. This is also one item that is goes off shelves the fastest in The Body Shop. I literally hold my hair all day and keep smelling it. This has that effect. I wish I used it more often around Big. I totally forgot about it back then 😀 😀 yes boyfriends have that effect.


3. Revlon Eye Liner Pencil: This kohl pencil stays forever and does not smudge all that much. Highlight recommended.


4. Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara: OH The Volume. Me loves. The only problem with this is that it can get a little smudgy sometimes. But if you are perfect in application this is the perfect product.


5. Dove Soap Bar: YES I wash my face with Dove Soap Bar. It is that good and I have been using it for years now. Bang on!



6. Boots Botanics Make Up remover: I have used The Body Shop one, The Mac one, The clinique one…but nothing is as good as this drug store make up remover. I give it a 10/10 for the perfect product – awesome, pocket friendly and lasts a lifetime…yeah literally.



7. Finally my favorite perfume. Nina by Nina Ricci. This is a perfume I can use day in day out all year round. (This is also the perfume to use when you are single LOL I have men ask ALL THE TIME what perfume it is when I use this one) 😀 😀 😀  (Ha ha I suck at remembering to wear a perfume but when I have this bottle around I always seem to remember)




So these are my favorite products and I love them all. I’d love to know what your favorite products our so please comment back with your picks.





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