Color me Yellow!

As I sit in my dimly lit room, sipping good whiskey and watching a good series, I can’t help but think about the past few months. This is how whiskey is different from any another drink – it gives you a sense of subtle euphoria despite the underlying sorrows that you might be living with.

Never mind, sorrows are a chapter I am not willing to discuss. I figured if I can’t stomach sorrows then I must not engage in passive aggressive blogging about it either.

Coming back to the dimly lit room, I painted my room with a fresh coat of yellow paint. It looks pretty and I finally got rid of all the clutter in my room and as I sit here thinking about what tomorrow will look like, all I can see is a new city and fresh chance.  It is a bitter sweet feeling.

This is probably the last chance I will get at having a new life in a new city and I must not waste it like all the other chances I got. I have pegged some expectations towards this one and even though having learnt fairly recently that I must not expect from others, I do have some expectations from a new city. A new city will give me a fresh lease of life which is why I am spending the one month that is left into calming myself down and forgiving and forgetting a lot and literally reducing my friend list. No Joke!

I am excited and a bit remorse all at the same time.

Also, a little tipsy I think…:D




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