Kamaal Karte Ho Pandey Ji


Haaaayeee! Kya Film Hai! Har roz kyun nahi release hoti ek nayi Dabangg!

I usually never ever write about movies because I know I will suck at writing any review, however, Dabangg is an exception to that rule and let me tell you that there was no way I was going to sleep today without writing about Dabangg. Please note that I will not be talking about the story or the plot because I hate spoilers so I don’t want to spoil it for anyone reading this post. This post is about what I felt about the movie. Yes I FELT…..

First things first: Salman Khan rocked the movie. I was gasping for breath when he took off his shirt and this has never happened (not his shirtless stunt but my gasping for breath when an actor does something sexy on screen..NEVER) So yes, I could not take my eyes off Chulbul Pandey even for a moment.

The movie is a full blockbuster masala movie and it is not meant for  people who go to cinemas to find substance and realism….(Isn’t our life full of drama and realism anyway?) This movies is for people like me who go to cinemas to watch masala and Dabangg 2 promises to be the most masaledaar entertainer you have ever seen since Dabangg 1.

The dialogues, the action, the flow – everything about the movie had Super Hit written on it. There was not even a single dull moment. Rajjo looked ravishing and munni made a guest appearance  Arbaaz Khan sure knows how to keep the lucky charms. Kareena Kapoor’s performance was not at par with munni but the lyrics of ‘Fevicol Se’ sure were written by a really chichor man and I loved it. *main toh tandoori murgi hoon yaar, gatka le mujhe alchohol se*

I was just talking to a friend and he asked me why women rave about Chulbul Pandey?

The answer is simple & in bullet points:

  1. Chulbul epitomizes the real hero, not some pseudo do good and be good hero.
  2. The true robin hood: help the poor and make the rich pay!
  3. While he dances with munnis and Fevicol girls – he loves rajjo, marries her and is loyal to her. That is a man of character right there.

He’s sexy and hot is a separate thing all together. It’s this real yet larger than life character that women fall for. We all want a chulbul to love us not a cheddi or a bachha bhaiya!

My Verdict: It does not deserve 5 stars …it deserves 5 Seetis…*Seeti Seeti Seeti Seeti Seeti*

All I have to say is:

Ab zindagi beetegi toh kisi chulbul pandey material ke saath ..varna akele hi sahi! #nocompromise



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