Bye Bye 2012 *You sucked*

Finally, the horrendous 2012 is over. This has been such an awful year that I do not even wish to look back and remember all that has happened this year so I will spare all of you the horror of being reminded about the Sandy, Mass Shooting, Gang Rape and other such horrible horrible things that happened this year.

The only thing that I can tell you is that this year taught us that what does not kill us only makes us stronger. It sure does!

Some of the other things I learnt were:

1. Always know where to draw the line. Always!

2. No matter what you do, where you are and who you are..Family is Family!

3. You should only be generous with love and trust when you have learnt to give those things to yourself. #TrueThat

4. No matter what happens to you, no matter how hard your heart breaks, no matter what injures you and your trust, always remember -You will survive! You might think you won’t and others might tell you that you won’t but YOU WILL!

5. Hard Work has no substitutes. Even in an age of smart work and office politics, hard work still rules and will take you far in your career. Just give it a chance!

6. Note to self: You cannot save money so just stop trying! Just buy gold and pay for the insurance as you do now and you’ll be fine!

that’s it! That’s a lot to learn in a year…but I swear I have learnt it like never before. Ask me to brave a breakup now and I’ll tell you that I can, ask me to brave office politics and I’ll tell you I can, ask me to brave people passing away and I’ll tell you I can, ask me to brave people going away and I’ll tell you I sure can. I’ll tell you things I never thought I would learn so soon in life and I am super happy about it. The ‘sooner the better’ is always preferred over ‘late and sorry’.



Miss M

P.S I just realized that I have never been this happy this whole year as I am today. I feel blessed and content with my life today and if you know me you’ll know how I suck at feeling blessed and content.


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