About Me

Hi there!

It’s difficult to write about yourself but I am going to make an attempt (a rather shoddy one).

I am a 20 something girl currently settled in India. I work for a software MNC in their PR & MarCom team. I am living large and taking charge. My daily routine revolves around getting up, being awesome and going back to bed – days are spent working and nights are spent dreaming. Weekends are reserved for the huge to-do lists that I meticulously compile over the week. I talk a lot and speak very fast which is a bit of an acquired talent. I love cooking and I absolutely love eating. Food has always intrigued me which is why cooking and reading on food has become a passion. The biggest drama queen you can ever possible meet: Yes that’s me. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. Anyway, this blog is how I chose to chronicle my state of mind and have a collection of my thoughts. Some will make me smile, some will make me laugh and some will make be feel gutted.

That’s all for now!

Wishing you well until we meet next!

Me 🙂


Here’s a brief description of me from my someone else. I thought it’ll be good to include it here as this really does talk richly about me. Yes my choice of word is richly! Suck it up! (If you don’t know what Ulhasnagar Sindhi Association is then please join some humor classes…You need them!)


Drama Queen: Never at a loss for words, this hot and sweet princess (she prefers hot and cute) is a real drama queen and can liven up any gathering with her joie de vivre. As someone once said of her, it is a joy to watch her laugh out loud and live life so intensely. As far as bringing sunshine on a rainy day goes, DQ can beat me, i.e., the Scamster and any other competitor hands down – she literally has rainbows shooting out of her ass. Don’t believe me? Check out this comic – http://questionablecontent.net/view.php?comic=1690. It was inspired by Drama Queen’s fireworks-shooting-out-of-ass display. But that’s it – we’re not competitors. We’re the best of friends and this is one friend who’d gladly give you the last parachute on a crashing plane.
Don’t underestimate her. Apart from being the burst of sunlit rays everyday in your life, this hot chick that nerds can only dream about is no dumb bimbo herself! She is super intelligent, street smart and is doing great in her career. But more than that, if you can interest her in what you do for a living, then she will read and find out about it until she can carry on an informed conversation with you. I love that about her. And I love her original way or expressing herself! She writes from her heart and that’s why her writing is just like her – a joy, pleasure and delight to behold. Brings a smile to my face. In fact, if my writing above just brought a smile to your face, it is also because of her – she is the author of some of the most creative expressions you will find in the lines above. Words that have never been strung together suddenly find themselves in one sentence, conjuring up visions never thought of before, scenes never imagined before by anyone. That’s my Drama Queen – original and unique

So Said

Sexy Scamster, Ulhasnagar Sindhi Association



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