The Wishlist 2013

So as the year draws to an end, it’s time to put together a new wishlist. I have (on purpose) kept the 2012 wishlist at the bottom of this page to remind me of how my wants have evolved over the past year. I have also checked off the things I did end up buying.

Coming back to 2013: I have noticed that my wishlist this year is really very personal in the sense that no one can fulfill it  for me but myself. Did I not tell you how much I have evolved LOL

So here’s the version 3.0 – The Wishlist 2013

  1. Contingency Fund equivalent to three months of my current salary.
  2. iMac: Yes the Big Bad Boy!
  3. Start my legacy (You can read about the what a legacy project is here)
  4. I have solitaires for my finger and ears…this year I want to buy one for my neck 🙂 Simple Pleasures of Life!
  5. Take a holiday with my mother. (This one should probably be the number 1 thing)

I am really excited to put achieving this wishlist in action. Fingers Crossed!



After the mediocre success of my last Wishlist (Read: Wishlist 2011) I decided to give it a try yet again. So here’s the Version 2.0 – Wishlist 2012. (You’ll see somethings are still there on this new list..but then I did not cross them off last year so I decided to carry them forward)

  1. My Own Apartment
  2. MAC Book Pro 13 or 15″
  3. Tommy Hilfiger Signature Medium Bag -RM350 
  4. Blackberry Bold 4/Iphone 4 (A decision I am still in process of making) Ended up buying iPhone
  5. Digital Camera Sony Cybershot 12+Megapixels  (Ended up buying Canon)
  6. LV Speedy 30
  7. Burberry Wallet

That’s all that I have in my list this year!  Yes, I am very shallow and Yes I am very greedy! Haa!




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